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                          CookBookPlus Contact Information                        

Bob Jones
Bob Jones Software
phone - (410) 626-7564
e-mail -


About Us        Brief Video History Of CookBookPlus

CookBookPlus is a software product from Bob Jones Software, a boutique software manufacturer in Lusby, Maryland.

Bob Jones Software has been providing specialized software solutions since 1980.

Our Other Products ...

Sales Manager is a user-configurable application for tracking, managing, reporting anything you want, anyway way you want.  

Media Collection Links Manager is an integrated desktop/web solution for managing large collections of links to media files.

Media Collection Links Manager On The Web enables you to manage and access your media link collections from anywhere.

Home Inventory lets you quickly and easily keep track of your personal possessions, and designate by-item beneficiaries.

Web Logs Manager imports web site log files into an Access database for easy viewing, reporting, and analysis.

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