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Software Solutions For Fitness, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, Personal Wellness, & Health
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                          CookBookPlus Price Schedule                             
Full Version With 5 User Accounts     $149 Via Electronic Download
Additional User Accounts                      $10 Each

CookBookPlus On The Web
Individual Hosted User Account           $10 Per Month; Shared Domain, Prepaid 3 Month Contract
Private Web Application Hosting          $2 Per Month Per User; 25 User Minimum; Shared Domain & Server; 1 Year Contract
Web Application Server Solutions        $199 Per Month; 1,000 Users; Private Domain; Shared Server; 1 Year Contract
CookBookPlus On The Web - Daily Nutrition Accounting Services
Individual User Account Data Entry     $.20 Per Ingredient Item, $1 Per Meal Minimum; Prepaid $150 Per Month 3 Month Contract
                                                                        Contract Services End When Prepaid Account Is Depleted; $450 Minimum Contract
                                                                        $35 Test Drive DNA For 7 Days

Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Software products availability subject to withdrawal without prior notice.
New DNA service contracts subject to CookBookPlus staffing availability.
DNA data entered on first come, first served, best effort basis; service subject to network and server availability.

DNA contracts subject to early termination by CookBookPlus if, at the sole discretion of CookBookPlus,  user supplied data is unusable for data entry purposes.  Unused funds from DNA contracts terminated early by CookBookPlus will be returned to user.   User responsible for supplying nutrition values for any items not in CookBookPlus On The Web ingredients database.
DNA rendered nutrition accounting, charts, and reports offered as-is where-is without warranty or fitness for any purpose.

We make it simple.  We keep it simple.
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